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Deluxe Large Party Private Charter

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4-Hour Private Charter
5-Hour Private Charter
6-Hour Private Charter
8-Hour Private Charter
10-Hour Private Charter
12-Hour Private Charter

Party on the Bay with a Destin Boat Charter!

These are our most requested boats on the Destin harbor due to the extended passenger capacity. These boats can be described similarly to the Premium Level vessel with one difference: they hold licensing which allows for more passengers on board at one time. Our 48-foot vessels feature an enclosed cabin, bathroom, and A/C and can accommodate more than six passengers.

Although these vessels are set up for fishing, they can accommodate special trips such as sunset cruises, weddings, birthdays, leisure trips, etc. Tell us what your special event is, and we can make it happen.

The amount of people each vessel can carry varies from boat to boat, so it is imperative that you know your maximum amount of passengers that may be on the vessel before booking, as it will be near impossible in the summer season to switch to another vessel should your party grow beyond your original specified capacity.

Some boats are licensed to carry 10, some 15, some 17, and that includes babies (a person is a person no matter the age or size). If your party is going to exceed 15 passengers, call for options, as we have a few boats in the fleet that can accommodate you with very limited availability.

Pricing for these vessels includes a base rate for six passengers and then an added charge of 10% of the base rate for each additional passenger.

These boats get booked fast, so make your reservation today!

What Can We Catch?

Our captains are committed to helping you have a great time and catch plenty of fish. Depending on the season and location of your trip, here is an overview of what you can expect.

Bottom Fishing:
Greater amberjack, vermillion snapper, black grouper, red grouper, gag grouper, yellowfin grouper, scamp grouper, snowy grouper, lesser amberjack, banded rudderfish, cobia, shark, lane snapper, black snapper, silk snapper

In-Shore Trolling Fishing:
Black fin tuna, sail-fish, bonita, barracuda, king mackerel, Spanish mackerel

Off-Shore Trolling Fishing:
King mackerel, white marlin, wahoo, blackfin, blue marlin, sail-fish, dolphin fish (mahi-mahi)

Bay Fishing:
Speckled trout, red drum, blue fish, sheep head, flounder, Spanish mackerel